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Author Bio:

I am regular guy who used to work long and brutal hours for a big corporation. One day I woke up and I had a revelation:

"Life is not about working your butt off for someone else - life is about following your passions and creating a fantastic life for yourself and those around you. Life is actually about LIFESTYLE."

I spent the next few years researching success and achievement, and applied the strategies to my own life. I have successfully set goals, made plans and achieved a fantastic lifestyle. So I decided to write a book revealing the strategies and formula that anyone can use to transform their life.


So welcome to a Step by Step Guide to Creating the life of your dreams.

How YOU can enjoy success and achievement in:

- Relationships;
- Money;
- Health and Energy;
- Joy;
- Fulfillment; and
- More Time.

The purpose of this book is to help you decide on and then achieve your Perfect Lifestyle.



Book Chapters:

1 - Defining Your Perfect Lifestyle
2 - My Lifestyle
3 - Goals
4 - To Do Lists
5 - Gifts and Abilities Part 1
6 - Your Career
7 - Income Choices: Employment
8 - Income Choices: Own Business
9 - The Best Game in the World
10 - Peers and Peer Groups
11 - The Mother of Creativity
12 - Finding Your Soul Mate
13 - Children
14 - Sleep
15 - Personal Finances 101
16 - Pay Yourself First
17 - Compounding
18 - Passive Income
19 - Double Your Income
20 - Only Buy What You Can Afford
21 - Expenses
22 - Five Ways to Waste Your Day
23 - Five Ways to Waste Your Business Day
24 - Television
25 - Continual Self Improvement
26 - World Travel
27 - Read Widely
28 - University/Critical Thinking
29 - Integrity
30 - You Only Have One Chance to be You
31 - Live to Serve
32 - Little Acts of Kindness
33 - You Must Have a “Purpose” and a “Why”
34 - The Future You
35 - Overcoming Obstacles
36 - Overcoming Fear
37 - Stress
38 - More or Less
39 - Risk and Risk Aversion
40 - Failure
41 - Focus
42 - Bad Times/Challenges Part 1
43 - Determination, Diligence and Perseverance
44 - Limiting Beliefs
45 - Mental Barriers
46 - Words and Self Talk - Part 1
47 - Perfect Week
48 - Create Your Day
Bonus Chapter - True Balance
Bonus Chapter - Gifts and Abilities Part 2
Bonus Chapter - My Purpose and My Why
Bonus Chapter - Words and Self Talk - Part 2
Bonus Chapter - Bad Times/Challenges Part 2
Bonus Chapter - The Law of Attraction
49 - The Hero Test
50 - The Absolute Fail-Safe Way to Lose Weight, Get Fitter, Be Healthier and Look Sexier!
51 - Exercise and Diet
52 - Your Body is a Temple
53 - Three Keys to Health
54 - Discipline
55 - Saying “No”
56 - XXXX Yourself!
57 - Lies You Have Been Told
58 - Age Is No Barrier!
59 - How to Love Mondays
60 - Feeling Great!
61 - Just Three
62 - Sixteen Tips for Making Money
63 - Quick Tips for a Better Lifestyle
64 - New Retirement
65 - Before You Die Read This

Summary of Critical Principles and Action Steps

This book contains the strategies and the formula for creating a Fantastic Lifestyle. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Oli Hille