Many people struggle with motivation. Sometimes it is hard to get motivated, and sometimes it is difficult to get inspired.

What causes people to be unmotivated?

In my experience people are not motivated simply because they do not love what they are doing.

Think about it:

Do you have to get motivated to eat your favorite food?

Do you have to get motivated to see someone you really love and haven’t seen for months?

Do you have to get motivated to go to your favorite vacation spot?

Of course not, you simply cannot WAIT for these things. In fact time seems to go so slowly while you wait!

So part of the problem with motivation is that you have to do things you really don’t want to be doing. And the other part of the problem is not doing the things you know you really do need to be doing.

So what is the solution?

Tip #1 Get Rid of What You Hate Doing

There are a number of things that we really can eliminate from our lives. If you are not motivated in your job, you MUST find a new job. If there is something that needs doing around the house that you cannot get motivated to do, pay someone else to do it. It is amazing how much negative energy we devote to things that get left undone.

Tip # 2 Make a Decision

Then there are things that we know we need to be doing, like exercising and keeping fit, eating healthier, reading more. You already know the things that you really should be motivated to do. So write the three most important things you need to be motivated about in your life (hint they are most likely to do with family, friends, health and fitness, contribution or spirituality), and next to that write your certain decision about what you are going to do.

Tip # 3 Take The First Step

You know what? The only difficult part is taking the first step. The first jog is always the hardest. The first visit to the gym is always the most difficult. The first day of a healthy eating plan is always the toughest.

So take the first step, and once you are on your way it gets easier and easier and easier…

For information on using Goals to help with Motivation see:

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