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Age is No Barrier!

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It always amazes me when people think that chronological age has anything to do with anything. Once you are an adult, say voting age, how old you are is completely irrelevant.

Some people I know are reluctant to have friends who are more than a few years away from their age – how limiting! I have really close friends who are half my age and others who are nearly twice my age.

Many people put an age limit on particular activities. How often do you hear “Oh I’m too old for that”, or “That’s only for young people” or “I’m getting close to retirement age” or “At my age I think I’d better slow down”. Or perhaps worse “I won’t be able to take that step until I’m much older”, or “People don’t achieve that until they are in the 50s or older”.

These statements are all limiting. Your chronological age is completely irrelevant to everything.

Nelson Mandela became President of South Africa at 75 years of age.

Fauja Singh ran a marathon in 2009 aged 98.

Ronald Reagan became the governor of California at 61, and became US President at 69.

No matter how “old” you think you are, your chronological age bears no relationship to what you can achieve. In fact we should be expecting to do more, achieve more, and impact the world more, the older we get. If you are just starting out in life, you need to remember this. Set goals for the next five and ten years. But in the back of your mind remember as your life progresses you should be achieving bigger, greater and more significant goals – and definitely not smaller and less significant goals.

Also of course, youth is no barrier.

Bill Gates started Microsoft when he was 20 years old.

Budhia Singh ran 40 miles (more than a marathon) in 2006. He was four and a half years old.

Christopher Paolini became a New York Times Best Selling author at age 19 with his first book “Eragon”.

Your age is completely irrelevant. It has nothing to do with your health, or your wealth, or your level of achievement, or your friendships, or the activities you choose to do.

Tip #1 Birthdays
Birthdays are fun. You get to celebrate with your friends, eat cake and get presents. But that is the only thing birthdays are for. Never define what is possible or permissible by how many or how few candles are on your cake!

Tip #2 Self Talk
As outlined on the Self Talk page, what we say to ourselves has a huge impact on how we feel and how we act. So start talking positively about your age:

“My youth is my advantage.”
“My cells are regenerating and keeping me young.”
“60 is the new 40.”

Tip #3 Make Friends
Look for opportunities to make friends with people much older than you and much younger than you. Different generations have different wisdom, different energy and different ideas. Learn from young and old.

Sign In Now and get a BONUS copy of my 53 Page Lifestyle Guide:

(Optional but Recommended)

These details will remain confidential.
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