Limiting Beliefs

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How Limiting Beliefs about ourselves are most often what stops us succeeding.

The full chapter on Limiting Beliefs will give you specific strategies to eliminate these beliefs from your life.

When your thoughts are filled with positive beliefs about what is possible it will feel like you have replaced a tired old engine with a shiny new turbocharged powerhouse!

What stops people from achieving their full potential in life? What is it about people who fall short of the heights you would expect them to scale?

It can’t be lack of education.

It can’t be lack of money.

It can’t be coming from a broken home.

It can’t be _____________________________ (fill in this space!).

Because millions of successful people have had these obstacles and more in their life.

What stops most people from reaching what they are capable of is their own internal limiting beliefs about what is possible for them. Have you ever noticed that top sportspeople, business leaders, political leaders and high achievers have a quiet (and sometimes not too quiet) confidence in themselves. The opposite is true of people who do badly or are down and out. These people lack confidence, often speak negatively about themselves. In short they have strong limiting beliefs about their lives.

The fact is all of us have limiting beliefs in some areas at some level. The problem with limiting beliefs is they disempower us and cause negative consequences. Even if you have great success in 90% of your life you might find you have a limiting belief that is holding you back, in one or two areas.

You might have a great business and be fit and healthy but if you a hold the limiting belief “I am not good at relationships, I may as well stay single” you are going to experience negative consequences.

Everything might be great for you but you hold the limiting belief “I will only ever have enough money just to get by”. That is disempowering and is going to hold you back in many ways.

The good news is we can identify our limiting beliefs and deliberately cut them out of our minds and replace them with empowering beliefs.

Tip #1 Identify
Write down the limiting beliefs that has been holding you back the most. Underneath it, write down the negative consequences you have already experienced through holding that belief.

For example:

“No matter what I do I’ll always be overweight.”

Makes me feel hopeless. Makes me give up trying.

Tip #2 Empower Yourself
On a separate piece of paper write the limiting belief. Then write down an opposite empowering belief. Finally, most important, cross out the limiting belief.

For example:

“No matter what I do I’ll always be overweight.”

“I can be slim, fit and in great shape!”

Tip #3 Use the Power of Your Mind
Write your new empowering belief somewhere prominent and read it aloud to yourself every day with energy and enthusiasm. I have used this technique myself and it really works.

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