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How TV is stealing your most precious resource.

The full chapter on TV will show you how this is ancient and inefficient technology.

Less TV means more activities, more fun, more family time and less damaging images and thoughts coming into your mind.

One of the biggest time-wasters and therefore one of the biggest reasons why people don’t spend time on setting goals and achieving them is television.

Ask yourself these questions:

How many hours a week do I spend just channel-flicking?

  • How many hours of TV advertising do I see in a week (around 15 minutes per hour)?
  • How many times do I go to bed later than I would like to because I kept watching TV?
  • How many TV programs do I watch just because they happen to be on, not because I planned to watch them?

In all the TV I watched last week, how did it meet any of my Lifestyle goals?

TV used to be cutting-edge technology, but that was 20 years ago. It is now an inefficient way to get entertainment and news.

Let’s take news for example. I used to feel that I needed to watch the TV news most days. But let’s look at it. You watch an hour of news, which is 15 minutes of advertisements and realistically you are only interested in maybe one third of the news items. The rest you just have to sit through. What you have to sit through is often so distressing and depressing (generally crime and violence and death) that you often feel violated or depressed yourself. It is far more efficient to read selected news items on the Internet or in a newspaper. Don’t just take my word for it, try it for a week. Force yourself to watch no news on TV for a week – you won’t miss it!

Tip #1 TV News
Never watch TV news again. You just saved yourself around 365 hours a year. By the way that is more than 15 full days.

Tip #2 Budget
We are happy to budget our money, but our time is far more valuable than our money. Budget the time you will allow yourself every week for watching TV. Do not exceed your budget.

Tip #3 Disconnect Your TV
Completely disconnect your TV and ensure that you cannot re-connect it. Let say you watch and average of 20 hours of TV a week (according to AC Neilson the average American watches 28 hours a week). You just earned yourself 1,040 extra hours a year. That is 43 full days a year. How good could you become at something important to you if you spent 43 full days a year at it? Think about applying yourself as a:

Writer, Musician, Sportsperson, Actor, Craftsperson, Painter…

If you live until you are 85 and you watch 20 hours of TV a week, do you know how long you have spent watching TV? Over ten full years!

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