Gifts and Abilities

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How you can find and use your Gifts and Abilities to bring joy and income into your life.

The full chapter on Gifts and Abilities will show you how to turn your Gifts and Abilities into passions and an income source.

Understanding and utilizing your gifts and abilities can potentially mean never working again: “It’s never work if you love what you do”.

In life you have two or three things you are really good at. I am going to refer to these as your gifts and abilities.

It is possible, perhaps even probable that you have not completely discovered or developed these gifts and abilities. In my life for example I find myself slowly gravitating towards what I am best at. Some people know very early in life what their real gifts are but for many of us it takes time.

Remember when you were in school? Your favorite subject was always the one you were best at. It came naturally and it always felt good to succeed easily. You looked forward to that class and you were happy whilst doing it. I expect you could quickly pick from this list the subjects you most enjoyed:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Geography
  • History
  • Art
  • Sport
  • Music

Of course these are just school subjects, and this list represents only a tiny fraction of the potential interests and possibilities in life.

However, the principle is the same. You are best at the activities you enjoy. Doing them brings more feelings of achievement, happiness and excitement.

This is one of the best ways to find your true gifts and abilities.

Tip #1 Gravitate
Continually gravitate towards the things that interest and excite you. If you are dissatisfied with your life or your career it is because you have fallen into or accepted a way of life or a job that is not aligned to your gifts and abilities. If that is you, make a change NOW. If you don’t, you will sit in your rocking chair at 85, looking back in regret. We can only find true happiness and an abundant life when we are in that place.

Tip #2 Meditate
The word meditation simply means “continued or extended thought; reflection; contemplation”. Set aside half an hour and quietly focus and think about what you would really love to do with your time and with your life. What do you daydream about? Write down what would truly bring you the most joy and satisfaction. Those things will be close to or will actually be your gifts or abilities.

Tip #3 Investigate
Take this exercise a step further by buying a book or two on finding your true gift. Attend a seminar that will help you to find your true calling. Complete psychological profiles on the Internet that show you what your strengths and weaknesses are.

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