Future You

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How living the “Future You” can speed up the journey to your Perfect Lifestyle.

The full chapter on the Future You will give you strategies to start quickly attracting the people and lifestyle you desire.

Living the Future You means achieving your goals and ambitions faster than you thought possible.

This is a very simple but very powerful tool to help you get where you want to go. Simply start acting now the way you will act when you get there.

Decide who and what you want to be in five years and start modeling the behavior of people in that position now. Dress that way, talk that way, think that way, act that way – right now. Read the same books, attend the same conferences, join the same online forums etc.

This will have three powerful impacts:

First, your personal psychology will start to become what you want to become. Your mind will build the required bridges and links, and you will start noticing relevant situations and important facts that will build upon each other and lead you closer to your destination.

Second, the law of attraction will start to manifest itself by bringing the right people and information and opportunities to you.

Third, people will start noticing that you have the attitude and characteristics of the person you plan to be. This will make them treat you like the person you want to be, which will in turn build upon itself as a virtuous circle.

Tip #1 Your Appearance
While there are many behaviors you can model, one of the most powerful is your appearance. After all you immediately create a first impression with your appearance. In fact you make an impression on yourself with your appearance. Whenever you look in the mirror you see you. Make sure it is the future you that you are looking at. Your haircut, your clothing, your shoes, your personal grooming, your watch - all have a huge impact.

Tip #2 Start Modeling
Make a list of the characteristics of the Future You. Start modeling as many of these characteristics as you can.

Tip #3 Start Reading
Order a book today written by someone you want to model your future achievements on. Make notes on the steps they took and the decisions they made.

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