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How you can easily and effectively use Goals to maximize your Lifestyle.

The full chapter on Goals will show you how make immediate and lasting changes to your Lifestyle.

Setting goals is the single most important step you will make in creating your Perfect Lifestyle. Spending one hour today setting and writing out your goals will give you the biggest return for an hour’s work you will ever receive.

Every successful person, successful business and successful sports team sets goals. You cannot achieve your Perfect Lifestyle unless you set goals and put strategies in place to achieve those goals.

Each goal must have three attributes

  • It must be achievable.
  • It cannot be too easy to achieve.
  • It must be measurable.

The following statement for example is not a goal:

To earn a higher income.

Whereas the following statement is a goal:

To increase my income by 30% by the end of next year.

First, it is achievable, second it will require you to make some changes in order to achieve it and third, on 31 December next year you will know exactly whether you achieved your goal or not.

It is important to remember that dreams are not goals. Your dream might be to climb to the top of the seven highest mountains in the world. You can day-dream about it and talk about and read about it until you are too old to actually do it. But, if you make a goal that you are going to climb these peaks within three years, then suddenly you have to start planning and saving and preparing. If you put this goal on your wall, make it a priority, and tell your friends and family, you will achieve your goal.

There is a perfect time to set your goals – right now!

I suggest you stop reading, get a pen and complete the following.

Tip #1 Pick Three
Pick the three areas of your life where you need the most improvement. This is because it is those areas that are holding you back the most. Once you achieve your goals in those three areas you will literally feel like heavy weights have fallen off your shoulders and you will jump up and achieve in all of the other areas of your life.

Tip #2 Make a Commitment
Commit to yourself that you will definitely and absolutely achieve these goals. There are only three of them, and achieving them will massively change your life for good. Set your mind, be clear and decisive.

Tip #3 Accountability
Email THREE people you love and respect and set out your three goals and the “achieve by” date. Tell these people that you will achieve those goals, and you are happy to be accountable to them. Once you are committed and accountable, nothing can stop you!

Stop reading and do it RIGHT NOW! This could literally change your life in ten minutes.

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