True Balance

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How we often overlook one of the key aspects of attaining True Balance in our lives.

The full chapters on True Balance will show you how you can attain a level of certainty, peace, joy and direction that few people achieve in their lives.

Understanding and applying True Balance means taking your life and your Lifestyle to a whole new level.

In the developed world we are comfortable talking about balancing “all” the areas of our lives:

  • Our work life.
  • Our family life.
  • Our physical health.
  • Our minds.
  • Our love life.

But a lot of the time we forget or are uncomfortable about exploring our spiritual life. This reticence is a strangely Western and “modern” phenomenon. In fact, studies and census data show that around 92% of people believe in the existence of a higher power. All of the world’s major religions teach that God is capable and interested in interacting with us!

If so many of us believe it, why do so few of us include it in our search for a truly balanced life?

In my opinion, the reason many people do not feel fulfilled and content even after they have achieved and “balanced” their lives is that they ignore their spiritual life.

Nowhere is it more clearly stated than in John 10 v 10

“I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

This is a key truth for living. All of us want to live life to the full and to live abundantly. What does abundance mean?

  • Plenty
  • Wealth
  • Great quantity
  • Loads

So practically what does this mean?

It is not possible to live a balanced life without working on our spiritual life as much as we do our hearts, our minds and our bodies.

Tips #1-5 Free Bonus Chapters

The book contains five FREE Bonus Chapters. You do not pay for these chapters; they are included as an addition to the book. If you do not read the bonus chapters, you have still read the whole book. However I hope you read them because they contain key reasons why I have True Balance in my Lifestyle.

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