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Why Discipline is probably the key trait that separates the successful and the unsuccessful in creating a Perfect Lifestyle.

The full chapter on Discipline will give you inspiration and enthusiasm for developing disciplined habits in your life.

Understanding and applying Discipline means significant daily, weekly and monthly progress towards achieving your dreams.

If there is one attribute that stops people from achieving all life has to offer them it is discipline. Most of the time people gravitate towards what feels good rather than what is good for us. People sleep-in rather than getting up early, eat unhealthy food that tastes good, go for a beer rather than going to the gym, watch TV rather than reading a motivating book. However, highly successful people are disciplined in their habits. Discipline is not something you are born with, it is simply a decision you make.

In order to achieve discipline you need to take a number of decision steps. But don’t be put off! If you invest a short amount of time, the pay-off in what you achieve in your life will amount to a return of thousands of percentages!

What follows is a method you can use to change undisciplined behaviors into disciplined ones.

Tip # 1 Give Yourself Leverage
You need to motivate yourself to change by listing the reasons for making the change i.e. give yourself leverage. For example list all of the bad things that will happen if you don’t change.

Tip # 2 Make a Mind-Shift
Keep giving yourself leverage until you get to a point where you say to yourself “ENOUGH! I have to make a change.”

Tip # 3 Make a decision
In the end discipline is simply a decision. If you give yourself the leverage and make the mind-shift, the decision is easy.

Tip # 4 Take Action NOW
As soon as you make the decision, act now while you have the leverage and the mind shift.

Tip # 5 Set a Goal
Even taking action is not enough. Ensure you also set a goal and write it down.

Tip # 6 Create a Habit
Now you have taken action and set a goal you need to create a new habit. You create a new habit by repeating the action or behavior over and over until it is part of your life.

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