Why Celebrities Listen to What I Say

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I am just a regular guy. I am just like you except I decided to find out how to plan and achieve the dream - a great life and a wonderful lifestyle. I talk to a lot of people about life and about lifestyle. I was invited to be a guest lecturer for an MBA class. I’ve been invited to speak at meetings and groups.

The media ran a story on my lifestyle in 2008 and the story was syndicated country-wide. I got totally overwhelmed by emails and phone calls and letters. I even had a celebrity fly out to spend an hour with me to find out how I achieved my lifestyle. I guess I was sort of amazed how many people want exactly what I wanted:

  • More Time
  • More Money
  • More Fun
  • Less Work
  • More Freedom
  • More Abundance
  • More Joy
  • Zero Stress
  • Better Relationships
  • More Love
  • More Connection
  • More Intimacy
  • Less Uncertainty
  • More Passion
  • More Energy
  • More Creativity

There is nothing special about me. Everyone wants the same things I always wanted. But the difference is that I made a specific decision. I decided to plan out, set goals and achieve within five years the Lifestyle I had always wanted. And yes I achieved a wonderful Lifestyle, and I am grateful every day for the life I have now. But of course the Perfect Lifestyle is a journey and not a destination, and so I am continually learning and working to improve my life. Remember, if you are not growing, you are dying. This is a universal law.

You know it turns out that even celebrities want exactly the same thing. I talked to one of the most famous musicians in the world and they said the same thing. I have interviewed top international sports people and they have the same needs. I interviewed a bestselling author and you guessed it, the same needs.

Last year I spent 45 minutes one on one with a billionaire. At the start of our meeting I gave him a book. We got talking about books and I told him I read on average a book a week. He asked me how I could possibly have time to read a book a week. I turned to him and said “Sir, with the greatest respect how is it that you, in your position do not have the time to read a book a week?” He didn’t need more money but he definitely needed more time.

Every celebrity, every successful person, everyone at the top of their game needs the same things you and I need - balance, freedom, energy, the right psychology and an abundant life.

I have interviewed a number of celebrities and I have read the accounts of dozens more. I have incorporated their wisdom into my book.

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