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How you can take control of your day by Creating Your Day before it happens.

The full chapter Create Your Day will show you how to be proactive rather than reactive in making your day the way YOU want it.

Recognizing the power you have to mould the world around you has huge positive implications for your life.

For many people the concept that you can “Create Your Day” is strange or incomprehensible. That is because for most people the events of the day just happen and they react to whatever the day brings. But that should not be, and need not be the way you live your life.

As outlined on the Self Talk page we have an incredible power to speak into our lives and thereby affect the reality around us.

One of the main attributes of our humanity is that we can change who we are, what we feel, what we believe and what we achieve. The start of that process is changing our thoughts and attitudes from negative ones that suck life out of us to positive ones that lift us up and recharge us.

Tip #1 Expectation
Expect good things to happen to you today. Expect positive encounters. Expect God to bless you. Expect to have creative ideas, to be happy and cheerful and to achieve great things. Just starting your day with these expectations will change your attitude and the way you see and experience life.

Tip # 2 Meditation
This is nothing to do with religion or your spirit. The word meditation simply means “continued or extended thought; reflection; contemplation”.

If you can discipline yourself to start your day or your work day with five minutes of quiet thinking about the day ahead, you will make a huge positive impact on what happens in your day.

Tip # 3 Eradication
Eradicate and do not allow negative thoughts or negative events into your day. Of course you cannot control all of the events of your day. However, in areas you do have control over, don’t allow bad situations to arise. For example avoid arguments and conflicts, do not spend time with people who bring you down, read and listen to and watch things that are going to motivate you and encourage you and not bring you down.

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