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"Must have book of the century" - Suzie Housley, Reviewer - Midwest Book Review (USA)
Ask yourself: are you living the life of your dreams? If the answer is no then take a step back and analyze what elements need to be changed in order for you to have the life that you deserve.

The pathway to living a rewarding and fulfilling life can be found in Oli Hille's Creating the Perfect Lifestyle. This book will start you traveling on the pathway of success. You will be able to accomplish your goals in as little as five years.

Creating the Perfect Lifestyle enables the user to define the type of lifestyle they wish to have, then it shows you what steps you need to take to turn your dreams into a reality.

Creating the Perfect Lifestyle is the must have book of the century. Its helpful advice can set you on the pathway of living the life you were meant to live. By far this is one of the most interesting titles this reviewer has ever discovered. Oli Hille should stand up and take a bow, he has written a book that can literally change the way you live your life.

James Gurnsey
Absolutely brilliant and important work that everyone should read. It is one of things you read and just go, why has no-one told me this before?! Financial education is absolutely fundamental and yet we are rarely taught in schools or universities. Hopefully this work will help fill the gap. Well done Oli.

Jason Stephens
Oli a great read with absolute honesty and inspiration intertwined throughout. It is a must read for anyone looking to re-focus their life and re-set personal and financial goals for their own success.

Andy Chapman - Teacher

An excellent book, I found the section on goal setting particularly useful. Like the author himself, I wish I had read a book like this when I was a teenager. They should put it in the school curriculum, just what young people need, practical help to make the most of their opportunities.

Laura Powers
Initially, I thought I would just skim through, however I found that your writing flowed so nicely, before I knew it I was on page 30! I personally found the section on goal writing interesting, something I plan on trying. And of course, I am in the process of opening a business, so your section on owning a business is wonderful.

Alex Kuchciak

This is an insightful and inspirational read. It is extremely easy to read and understand, and draws upon real life experience to give credence to the principles expounded within. Oli's obvious enthusiasm and passion permeate throughout to create a useful, thoughtful and heartfelt guide to improving one's lifestyle.

Diederik van Heyningen
Wow! Imagine if every high school student can grasp the basics of this book by the time they leave school. Imagine what impact that will have on those people's lives as individuals for their future. Imagine what this will do collectively for our country. Well done Oliver for bringing together all those bits and pieces of information we all hear about from time to time into one easily understood book.

Emilie Sila'ila'i
Finally, a useful, practical, positive, straightforward book. Oli Hille is living proof of the "I CAN DO" attitude and his belief in us as a progressive, innovative and creative world and people. Thank you Oli for your generosity of heart and mind to share ideas on HOW we can create and live a positive, happy, challenging and satisfying lifestyle within our beautiful country. - Emilie

Pranesh Tulsi
What a fantastic book you have written, good on you in educating people without any finance background. I wish I had read a book like yours when I was younger. Being an IT geek, money just flowed in and we spent like crazy. Great news is that it is never too late so make the most of now. God Bless you as I will share your book when my boy enters his teens.

Hilary Bird
I've only ever picked up an investment type book once in my life and only briefly flicked through it - yet Oli had me awake in the middle of the night reading his book and thinking about possible ways I could make money. I am definitely not someone who would ordinarily involve myself in such wild activity! With basically no skill (or interest) in investment, I found Oli's book insightful, informative and not too demanding a read on a green nose .... at 3.30am!!

I didn't realise I was looking for a book like this until I read your lifestyle book. Very inspirational, readable, and practical.

George Cowen
Excellent Read! Very informative, educational and most importantly, INTERESTING! Keep up the good work! A+++

Claire McNally
It's never too late to read this book!

Erin Johnston
This came to me at the perfect point in my life! It all seems like common sense, yet I would not have had the motivation to think of ways to progress my life without reading this book. The personal examples give the words a voice and a lot of these situations are those which I've been in myself.

Robyn Dodd

As a single parent to two children I feel I never have the time to read books, indeed it feels like a luxury these days! However when I started reading Oliver Hille’s Lifestyle book I couldn't put it down! I would sneak in reading a couple of chapters when my kids were occupied during the day and enjoyed sitting down with it of an evening. It challenged me to stop and think about my life and its direction, which I think, is a beneficial exercise for anybody regardless of age and stage. It is a very honest, believable and inspirational read!

Anna-Lee Annett

An entertaining and insightful book. It is easy to read and understand, and inspires you to dream again. It is great to have the ideas of a variety of sources all collated into one book.

Jane Duncan

An excellent and really useful book I would buy and also give others. Really impressed actually.

Paul Batten - Electronic Display Services
A thought provoking read. Excellent business advice. I like the use of your personal experiences. It was nice to see the children/family section included as it's a area usually overlooked by many entrepreneurs. I wholeheartedly agree with your philosophy on attaining the 'perfect lifestyle'..... now where's my to-do-list :-)

Carol McCann
Great read Oli both positive and enlightening.


Oli's rules for success really make sense (and work too!). I have followed many of these myself for a number of years and have managed to own my own home (mortgage free) at 30 and am living my own dream lifestyle! A fantastic read that I am sure will provide inspiration for many readers.
Well done Oli!

Clive Pedersen
Thanks for enabling me to read your book. It is very informative and I will adopt some of the excellent information you have provided.

Anita Parkinson
I knew about Oli's book a while ago, and was very excited to read it. I personally love reading about lifestyle changes. Cause I am in the stage of my life in which my life could go in any direction, as I have just finished my degree and have the whole world at my finger tips. The problem I face is actually knowing what I should be doing. I am currently working in the area in which I studied, people ask me if l like my job. I say "yes" but don't like working full time!! So from reading Oli's book it has really inspired me to live on the edge. Cause I know life is short and the worst thing I could possibly say is that I would hate to look back on my life and feel annoyed at myself for not living life how I want, and enjoying everyday! not waiting for the day to be over and waiting for the weekend to come along. I loved Oli's book, it has changed my way of thinking, and from reading it I now have come to see that I want to work for myself in the future and not for someone!!! I know it is possible and Oli's book has just confirmed it.

Sam Knight
Creating the Perfect Lifestyle in New Zealand by Oli Hille An exciting provocative read packed with punchy revelations that stimulated my dreams and visions spurring me to seek a definitive lifestyle change! After having two weeks on holiday with my family (I am a 43 year old male, married to Kim with two fantastic teenage children) I was contemplating a lifestyle change of some sort but unsure of how to actually initiate it. This book has given me great insight into how to look at what exactly, and where exactly my life is going based on my values and worldview. I have now made some exciting lifestyle decisions. I will strategically implement these over the next five months with the help of others I can be accountable to. Many thanks to the author Oli Hille. The book had a great flow to it that made it an easy read that was hard to put down. The author gives a great perspective that still allows the readers the freedom to engage and make to their own conclusions. Dreaming is a by product which is great in a world where our dreams seemed to be crushed at times as we mature in life. I found the questionnaire a great practical catalyst for change. The author majors on goal setting which is of paramount importance today. This reminds me of a great quote "If you always do what you’ve always done, you'll always get what you've always got?!!" I had a revelation whilst reading this book that we are personally limited or restricted by our upbringing, surroundings, friends and company we keep. I have a business and work with young people and this book will be an absolute asset to them in their direction in life so I am waiting with anticipation for the release. The personal example and tips to make money were valuable and great to read. Even though this was the author's personal example after the read I still felt empowered to initiate my own direction and make my own decisions by following his example. Well, be prepared for any walls that are limiting your vision to be brought down when flicking the pages toward your lifestyle change! This book gives tangible steps to change accompanied by accountability steps to follow through to completion. This book will be a positive catalyst for lifestyle change in many, many people. This book "will be" a BEST SELLER.

Paul Hay

I am currently studying towards a financial planning diploma and I was delighted to read a book that not only explained some fundamental concepts clearly with great illustrations but also included some excellent tips for a better lifestyle.

Stephen Hurd
A great read. A style that flows and caters the imagination.

Gareth Southcombe

Always eager to learn I was excited to get the opportunity to preview Oliver Hille's new book. Once I began I found myself smiling and nodding in agreement and I just couldn't put it down. While a lot of the information is not new to the self improvement range, I enjoyed the way Oliver has put the book together. It is refreshing, easy to read and puts in place a straight forward structure for self improvement. I would like to see more practical exercises for the reader and perhaps a bit more focus on the small steps everyday that lead to the bigger goal. Overall though, a really useful and motivating book that would be accessible to a diverse audience.

Jeremy Kelleher

Great work Oli!

Cushla Pretty

Great Book Oli, I loved the chapters on Children and Television.
I love the fact that is book is very practical and easy to understand. I think this book has some great keys that will help people to have successful and fulfilling lives well done!!

Ben Jelly

Enjoyed this, well written and entertaining as well as bringing some financial and lifestyle issues into focus.

Nick Moreton
What a great piece of work! Oli, hats off to you. There is some really useful stuff here. I particularly like the advice of. If you can't buy it now, don't buy it! I've always said 'If you can't afford it with crisp £10 notes, you can't afford it!' Lots of really positive, thought provoking ideas! A warm and honest good luck from me!! Nick

Josh Burrell
I intended to have a quick flick through Oli's book but two hours later I was still going! Oli has written a wide ranging, informative and interactive guide that will benefit anyone interested in creating the perfect lifestyle.

Rich Pooley

Oli, some interesting and very thought-provoking ideas. Congratulations on being able to put it all together! All the best.

Luke Buxton
I am impressed by the scope of this book. In an easy-to-read style, the author has squeezed into one book big life topics such as goals, time, wealth, priorities, property, relationships and others and left the reader with a toolbox of tips that are really helpful. Thanks Oli!

Kirstin O'Brien
Very informative with a relaxed and easy to read style. Inspirational ideas which motivated me to look at new opportunities with renewed insight! Well done Oli.

What an enjoyable and interesting read! A lot of practical advice written in a way that even my 16 year old would enjoy, understand and follow. I found this book both inspirational and thought provoking and am looking forward to the finished product.

Ian Gilmour

Thanks for writing the lifestyle book. I like the approach being more holistic than focused too narrowly like many books of this type are. The section on the importance of children I found particularly refreshing as money often dominates our goals and this gives some real perspective on what life is all about and the wide range of considerations we need to account for when goal-setting. I agree with that view. Generally a good read and the style is appropriate for the layman.

Graeme Newton
This is such an easy and enjoyable read, full of practical and insightful applications for life.

Michael Toothill
Oli's enthusiasm for life emanates through this book, and offers the reader an opportunity to consider different options for achieving a "perfect lifestyle". Oli offers some real, practical and helpful advice throughout his book. A very practical guide for anyone motivated to improving their life in a western culture. It offers practical advice, ranging from basic budgeting to setting life-changing goals. Oliver has a gift for presenting the reader with concise and easy to follow steps, which in my view, can act as a powerful catalyst for change.

Mathan Allington
I found the advice contained within the book to be very practical and applicable. The examples and suggestions are very attainable, and by no means out of stretch of the intended readers. I have personally applied some of these principles in my own life, and have found them to be very beneficial in helping me progress my lifestyle to where I want it to be. A great easy to follow read.

Herman D. Bynum

This is very helpful and useful information! I had my first assignment in the UK in January 2006. I really didn't know what to expect, how to really prepare for it, shortcuts and etc. If I had a guide like this one it would have saved me plenty of wasted time that could have been applied toward more productive efforts. Think of it as your guide through the forest!

Craig Wyllie
Very inspirational.

Anke Richter
I have published two successful non-fiction books in Germany and am
impressed by the quality of thought, information and research that has gone
into Oli's Lifestyle book. Best regards.
Anke Richter
Foreign correspondent

Phil Metaxas
Your Lifestyle book is a fantastic read because you have effectively put together a real-life perspective on the things that matter in life and it covers the important subjects and takes a no-nonsense approach to putting them across. Well done. I will be recommending this book.

Graham Parlane
Get out of bed and get started ! Mr Hille's book covers all facets of how to create a lifestyle less ordinary and tells how to have fun doing it.

Deane Taylor

A very useful and inspiring read, with lots of great practical tips.

Oli Robinson
This book is so easy to read, and has some kick ass tips in there. Are you seriously trying to give away all your secrets?

Chris Howard
This is a great book - I've already learned a huge amount. It's written in a really clear, readable style, which made it easy to approach difficult subjects I've often shied away from. I have to say that it's how to create a great life anywhere in the world!

Sharon Somers
Full of really practical and useful information that I can put to use immediately as I plan for my new export business.

Ruth Heins

My first reaction: why another self help book, and what does the author know that I don't?? What are his credentials apart from his life experience and the self confidence to write that kind of book? Well, I did spend much more than 5 minutes with the book a few days ago and it hasn't let me go. It is causing me to rethink some aspects of my life and where I want to be in 5 years' time. It is helping me to sit back and talk to my family openly and not just about everyday events. I am swallowing my pride (as the author describes his initial attitude towards this kind of book himself) and read and take to heart some of his ideas. The book is easy to read and understand, with examples and statistics and personal experiences without being patronising, and scope for personal preferences.

Rachel Hay
Very readable and practical. Interesting, and covered a wider range of topics than I was expecting.

Steve Jeff
Oli's book should be read by school leavers, business men/woman and anyone thinking big! Hindsight is a great thing. Oli uses his own life and experiences throughout the book which makes for a worthwhile read.

Most of this should be compulsory reading for...well...everyone! I especially like the encouragement to decide and then focus on what's really important in life, and the personal and practical examples. You illustrate really well how the impossible can actually be quite attainable.

Ron Balzer

Very practical and easy to read!

Shaun Barry
This will be a book that finds a ready audience.

Greg Bailey
Ollie writes in a familiar style which gently pulls you in to share his knowledge. Excellent ideas, presented in a natural and flowing way. I want a copy signed by the author.

Christopher Oh
My general feeling with these types of books is that they either just rearrange the deck chairs, people do not relate to information provided (like the high school physics teacher that could transfer their knowledge) or that or that the discussion and examples just do not apply. Well, this one is different!

Ian Dennis
My profession is the same as Oli's before he saw the light, i.e. I'm one of those mild-mannered Accountants that yearns to be a lion tamer as per the Monty Python sketch. I think there are some very inspired points in this book which are certainly worth chewing on. I am rather envious of the lifestyle Oli leads and have often contemplated the way forward for me, a father of 5. Do I have the confidence to take the steps necessary to claim my goals. Hmmmm... I don't know... I will chew on the book a little longer.

Clay Nelson
Great concept and well-written.

Very useful for many young people who may not have access to a mentor (parent, grandparent,) or have one in their life. Guidance councillor, teacher, minister... Practical, informative, easy to read and sensible. I strongly believe in the power of the mind and achieving goals. Oli has written in a no nonsense and humorous style, complete with tasks to do, ensuring the reader success.

Susan Lyall

Oli's lifestyle book is a great reference which collates a huge amount of information in one readily accessible place. Although a lot of the information contained in the book was already know to me, it is well written and with obvious passion.

Victoria Lang
I have read Oli Hille's Lifestyle Book and I found it an easy and useful read. It was enjoyable and helpful. I found it particularly relevant to my situation as I am looking to start my own business and making some property investments. I went through each of the given exercises for goal setting etc which was very helpful. The entire book was practical and useable. It has personal examples from the author’s own experience and a touch of humour, which made me smile. What I appreciated most is that it is written in a way the makes you realise you can achieve your dreams, regardless of how little you have to start with, and it's not 'airy fairy' in how you go about it. A solid book that should be read by all aspiring to live the dream. Every New Zealander (and more) should receive one for their 21st birthday - and start.

Jeremy Head
I found Oli Hille's book a very good read and covered a large number of basic truths about wise investment, setting goals and how we can all reach our own 'ultimate' lifestyle. This book should be made available to and read by all young people before they leave school so they know what alternative options could be open to them with a little insight.

Marco Garito
Oli's book makes the perfect life style closer than ever.

I started off reading the excerpts from Oli's book quite sceptically. I have read a number of lifestyle books in the past and wondered if this would be the same? The intriguing thing about Oli's books is that he uses real examples and speaks quite honestly about his experiences and I felt that his insight was refreshing.

Roger Barley
A great read....found myself on page 25 before I knew it. A well structured and thought through practical book written by someone with real life experience.

Roseann Blackie LLLB/BA
Oli has a direct and fast paced style that makes for an enjoyable and engrossing read. In the financial/ property chapters the candid examples from his own life are courageous and tend to align the reader more directly with the author. There are spectacular moments like the chapter on children. In this chapter, while the logistics of children are acknowledged, Oli expresses emotion eloquently. The sheer pleasure and joy his children give him is apparent. It is a great testimony to Fatherhood. It reads like a 'Rich Dad Poor Dad'. I have recently found out Oli has a first class honours degree in accounting and has worked for the best accounting firms in both New Zealand and London. This adds weight to his obvious skill and dexterity in financial and property matters. Also he is living the lifestyle choices outlined in his book.

Shawn Gough
I found the content very interesting. The information about how to invest money wisely would have been very useful when I was younger. I also, think that it is very useful now and have even put in to practise the processes mentioned in the chapters. The style of writing flows and I found myself understanding the financial processes involved in investing and using your money wisely. I think that a book like this, with this type of content is a wise investment.

Nick Georgiadis

Very sensible, practical and manageable advice in very accessible language. Should be a very popular book.

Diane Toothill

Oli’s enthusiasm for life emanates through this book, and offers the reader an opportunity to consider different options for achieving a ‘perfect lifestyle’. Oli offers some real, practical and helpful advice throughout his book.

Andrew Buxton

Wish I had had a book like that when I was 18.


Oli is passionate about life. He is living the life that he is offering others in this book. Oli is handing you the keys to get maximum value.

Simon Laracy

Great book! I like the style and content and the methodology outlined to the pathway to freedom. Written in a style i think most people could understand and absorb.

Well done - and from a perspective of someone who has achieved his goals.

I found it a very enjoyable and thought provoking read. Congratulations on the start you have made. I think you have chosen a winning title and I feel certain the finished book will prove to be very popular.

Melanie Bloom
Having recently moved from Sydney back to Christchurch for lifestyle reasons- this book could have been written for us. The information included so far is invaluable for us as we make new career, family and investment choices. Coming from a family with a long history of property investment and management I have found the principles outlined in the property section to be very sound and include the sort of information to really help you get ahead.

Josephine O'Reilly

I have read your book and so did my boyfriend and we both found it not only interesting but also inspiring. There are a lot of things that you discuss that I have never known and now that I do I am going to make some big changes in my life especially where money is concerned. My favourite chapters were about only buying what you can afford and also all the chapters on real estate. Buying a house
seemed like it would be a really long way away for me but after reading your book I realised that it is an achievable short term goal (especially now that I will be working!). I think that this book is perfect for people my age (22), as there is a lot of information in here that you never get taught.

Kees Bruin - Artist
I liked your book and I was impressed by the wide range of topics you covered contextually. Also, everything was put simply and most comprehensively.

Bernard Pullon

I very much liked some of the original ideas. It's a sure seller.

Jonathan Manning

I have known Oli since primary school but only in recent years have we made contact again. Oli is a man of tremendous personal integrity & credibility & is writing this book to help others to gain the lifestyle that he and his family now enjoy. Sometimes these kind of books have left me cold in the past. They have seemed almost unbelievable. I can't explain what it is about Oli's, but its the exact opposite! I am so glad he has chosen to write this book! The very powerful personal illustrations & easy to read practical, no nonsense advice has inspired me to re-evaluate my own goals and life. He has shown me with what he has written that it's never too late to make a start. And started I have!

Yvonne Petheram
I found the book really interesting especially the first part and will be encouraging both my daughters 18 & 20 to read the book .It has also made me relook at my own life.

Stephen Devereaux

I believe this book is self explanatory, easy to read, and can be of inspiration to all who for various reasons may not have had that extra drive that this book is able to give.

Iain Malloy
An excellent advice full of great tips from someone who has successfully navigated the financial freedom path. Keep up the good work.

Sarah Hay
I found the manuscript very readable and engaging. I particularly enjoyed the practical and personal examples throughout the chapters which helped me make sense of the more technical/financial bits! The goal setting questionnaire at the beginning is a winner.

Dean Smith
A thought provoking read indeed. Well done Oli!

I have had a desperate urge to own my own business for a long time, my friends and family get annoyed with me having ideas and splurting off what I am going to do every other week they say I am a dreamer. I started out looking at your business as an option, but read your book..not my passion, but I know what is...what a wonderful person you must be to write such an insightful read....thank you...from the bottom of a dreamers heart xx

S Rae
Good work on the lifestyle book. It is incredibly easy to read, practical, and an excellent balance of theory and anecdotes. It will sell like crazy as its better than anything else out there. If every young person read the book they would be off to a good start in life.

Brett Farmer
I thought your book to be outstanding. I particularly got a lot out of the goal setting section and found the sections on real estate very interesting. It is certainly a book I will use for continued reference. Why can't this sort of logic and style of thinking be taught at school?

An interesting and easy read. I look forward to putting these wise words into practice!

Fiona Mathieson
Your book is readable & lively. I like your writing style and there are lots of useful tips.

Julian Twiss
Congratulations on your book. I have been involved in the Real Estate industry for the last 13 years, and wear many hats in the property arena (i.e. Director of 80 staff in Real Estate company, associate of Real Estate institute, property owner, manager, consultant etc) I would recommend your book to my colleagues and wish you luck.

Richard Davies
Great positive ideas. Comprehensive and useful. Chapters good for easy reference.

Karin Rehu-Ormsby
A relevant and important source of information that addresses the questions we all ask ourselves at different times in one’s life.

Cool book so far. Not the sort of superficial go-get-'em book that is so common these days, but one that makes a more lasting

Brett Skjellerup
Actually I was really surprised as I read different segments of this book just how captivated I was.

Ian Watson
Great effort Oli I had a quick skim and its definitely a book I would go back to learn a bit & enjoy.

Ben Sainsbury
I have had the opportunity to read Oli Hille's book. I have really enjoyed it as it has given me lots of practical advice that is timely for somebody my age (24). It will help save me time and money and has encouraged me to have a go at things in the business world that I otherwise would have dismissed. I feel that the advice in this book has taught me foundational truths about my finances and simplified things about work and income that otherwise could have taken me ages to learn only through trial and error.

Rob Fergusson
Great tips and some "good life" commentary.

Amit Mookerjee
Good research and very good presentation. A valuable resource indeed!

Evan Williams
Great book. It is so easy to read full of really practical and useful information. I've already learned a huge amount and plan to put it into practice.

Faye Summers
I loved reading Oli Hille's book, it was addictive, I couldn’t stop reading it, and would love to read the rest. It gave me heaps of ideas and really made me think about what I want out of life and the goals I need to set to be there. I now know I have the confidence to do whatever I set my mind to. Thanks Oli, Great Book.

Good practical advice easy to digest, would have broad range appeal.

I enjoyed reading this book. It was interesting and may lead to me making some life decisions and changes.

Jaron McCutcheon
Fundamental economic principles are covered in these chapters. I found it helpful and insightful with interesting examples to demonstrate points. I would recommend this as a guide to organizing your finances to anyone.

Susan Levi
What a great idea!

Rhem Munro
Yes this is the way to do it. Having read many business life books and implemented much of it in my own life. This is a compilation of all those good things with a some added flavour. And some cherries on top.

Jannai Hellier
A very interesting, informative and helpful read. Well worth a good look!

Craig Dowling

For a book to be read it needs to contain a good idea (or ideas), and it needs to be well written. Oli's got a great idea (and backs it up with considerable substance), and the pages to date are written in a style that's accessible. Where some "self help" books make you feel "brow-beaten" this one empowers with its range of insights and useful information. It deserves to be well read.

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