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I would have paid US$1,000 for this book two years ago when I was planning my first launch.

First, because it cost me over $5,000 in products and information and errors etc to get the information.

Second, because it took me 2,087 unpaid hours to learn the information.

Third, because I am making literally thousands of dollars on Amazon.

Fourth, because I am offering you a full 100% no questions asked money back guarantee if you don't think by book is fantastic after 7 days.

Fifth, because the book is over 100 pages long (see below for all of the Parts of the book - it's very comprehensive).

Sixth, I haven't even had time to talk about the free Amazon training videos that come with the book.

Seventh, because the information in this book will make you a BESTSELLING author if you follow it. It has for me and the FIVE people I gave the information to before the launch (see the five testimonials below).

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"Amazon #1 Bestselling author, Oli Hille, is a true master and authority on what it takes to succeed in the new world e-publishing. He has a proven track record and I found his information and expertise invaluable in helping to get my own book to #1 on Amazon. Oli Hille is someone to watch and I will continue to keep an eye on what he's doing, because he is truly leading the pack."
Richard Kelley, Author and MD


"Without Oli's information, support and authors' challenge to get my book up before Christmas, I never would have had the tools and inspiration to take action and make it happen. Little did I know, that by employing his strategies I would hit #1 within 11 hours."
Anna Morrison, BSN, RN, CLNC - Author


"Oli helped me get my first book to #1 Amazon Bestseller Status, by providing inspiration, easily applicable practical tips and continual support during the launch."
Lori Webb, Author


“Oli has truly figured out the logarithm to get your book to #1 on Amazon. With his strategies, I developed some tactics and had my book hit #1 for Finance Education; #2 for Women in Business; #3 for Introduction to Investing!”
Holli Rovenger, Author


“I had my book on Amazon for 3 months and felt the disappointment of nothing happening then I met Oli Hille! He taught me the techniques that he used to get his books to rise to through the ranks and become Amazon best sellers. I did not take much time and jumped on these techniques and within a week did a launch of my book. With Oli's support my book became a best seller in two categories.”
Veronika Tracy-Smith, PhD

Before November 2011 I had never sold a book to anyone – zero. So I was a first time author, and I was completely unknown. I work from a home office in a small village in New Zealand.

Within 10 days of its launch in November 2011 my book “Creating the Perfect Lifestyle” became an Amazon #1 Bestseller in three separate Amazon categories, and Top 10 in a total of six categories.

Here are all of the ranking categories:

#1 - Self Help - Stress Management
#1 - College and University Education
#1 - Christian Education
#2 - Self Help - Creativity
#4 - Self Help - Motivational
#4 - Self Help - Personal Transformation

During May 2012 my book was the 57th most popular book on all of Amazon (out of over 1,000,000 books).

My book is still the #1 Lifestyle Book on Amazon. To check this, click here:

My book is still the #1 Top Rated book in the “College and University” category. To check this, click here:

I now earn a significant passive income from what I love doing – writing! I am well on the way to making a full time income from my books – every author’s dream.

In this book “How to Become an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author – and Make Money!” I am going to show you how YOU can do the same.

And remember there is a full 100% Money Back, 7 day Guarantee. Click here NOW:

Here are the Parts of the Book:

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: My Credentials
Part 3: Purchase Bonus
Part 4: What Authors Want
Part 5: Your Book
Part 6: The Golden Age
Part 7: The Naked Truth in 2012
Part 8: Why Amazon Kindle is so Compelling for Readers
Part 9: Understanding Amazon Kindle
Part 10: Passive Income
Part 11: Define Your Niche and Market to Your Niche
Part 12: Excellence
Part 13: Why Amazon?
Part 14: What is a Bestseller?
Part 15: Amazon Kindle Taking Off
Part 16: What Makes Amazon Tick?
Part 17: Amazon Royalties
Part 18: My Apple Experience
Part 19: Amazon’s Bestseller Algorithm
Part 20: Recommendation Algorithm
Part 21: Understanding Amazon Categories
Part 22: How to Actually Become an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author
Part 23: Amazon Bestseller Strategy
Part 24: The Strategy Plan
Part 25: You Need to LAUNCH
Part 26: Your Specific Launch Strategy
Part 27: 3 Month Launch Calendar
Part 28: Uploading Your Book to Amazon
Part 29: What to do as Soon as Your Book is Live on Amazon
Part 30: Book Reviews
Part 31: How to Actually Become a Bestseller - The Bottom Line
Part 32: Promotion (Self Promotion)
Part 33: Write About What You LOVE!
Part 34: Using Partners to Connect with More People
Part 35: Selling From Your Website
Part 36: Social Media
Part 37: Amazon Tags
Part 38: Short Books on Amazon!
Part 39: Small Niche’s on Amazon
Part 40: KDP Select
Part 41: 99 Cent Books
Part 42: Challenge
Part 43: Banking and Payments
Part 44: Tax as an Author
Part 45: Open Doors
Part 46: Amazon Ninja Strategies
Part 47: Your Inner Circle
Part 48: “Launch Goals” Work Back
Part 49: Author Central
Part 50: Creating a Print Book with CreateSpace
Part 51: Make Money Inside Your Book
Part 52: Testing
Part 53: Amazon Reports
Part 54: What Else Can You Put in Your Book?
Part 55: FREE Updates
Part 56: Where Else Can You Publish?
Part 57: The UK Store
Part 58: Empire Publishers
Part 59: Conclusion
Part 60: Contact Me
Part 61: Resources

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